Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Dump: Badger 6 vs. Everything

(Above: Some of Badger 6 making the requisite "goofy" pose outside of Bell Manor in Conowingo. We swept up the place like crazy and later toured it at midnight.)

(Alicia, Katherine, Tyler and I at the Flyers-Red Wings game Sunday. Our seats were literally at the very top of the Wachovia Center, but thanks to some incredible fortune, we all got in for free. Thanks to Tim from Badger 3 for inviting me and giving me my ticket, even if he is a Red Wings fan.)

(The view from the cheap seats.)

(Tim demolishes the Wachovia Center ceiling after the Flyers hang on to beat the Wings, 4-3. As a St. Louis Blues fan, his rage made me smile inside.)

(Downtown Philly: art, architecture and beached whales)

(The building where we're staying for our next project in Camden. It doubles as the offices for a local maritime museum, hence the anchors on the front porch.)

(Story time. Actually, the team is watching a video of someone getting tased.)

(Packing up some complimentary plants from the Camden Children's Garden Saturday.)

(Alisa and Alicia work to settle said plants in the little garden behind our house. And yes, we have three girls named Alisa, Alicia and Alexa on our team. It's pretty ridiculous.)

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